Institute for Applied Economic Argumentation

Institute for Applied Economic Argumentation

Triple E always works actively to spread its ideas. The Institute for Applied Economic Argumentation focuses, among other things, on the dissemination of all knowledge and information, but also helps green organizations by organizing landscape auctions, thereby helping non-profit organizations to generate new sources of income. We briefly list our products here.

Our products

Publishing and selling of books

Do you have a book that you want to have written or have already written and want to publish? Then you can contact us. A precondition is that it concerns ‘green topics’, because we stick to ‘green subjects’. At its own risk, the Institute for Applied Economic Argumentation published the book ‘The State of Nature Conservation’ (De staat van de natuurbescherming) written by Tom Bade in 2017. The book ‘Forward Mars’ (Voorwaarts Mars) for LTO Glaskracht was also published in that year. Books written by Tom Bade in 2019 are ‘From kitchen table to great opportunity’ (Van keukentafel tot buitenkans) about the opportunities of legal land consolidation and ‘Wet Gold’ (Nat Goud, together with Peter Paul Witsen) about how we can use dredging as a raw material. The books are sold in our own web store.

Writing and editing texts

For exquisite texts with content, you can also contact the Institute for Applied Economic Argumentation. As a ghostwriter, Tom Bade regularly writes texts for clients who want something more than just chitchat and smalltalk.

Organizing landscape auctions

Do you as non-profit organizations need additional and/or new revenues? The landscape auction is a concept devised and elaborated by Triple E, which we, amongst others, carried out on behalf of the Globe Guards, the Veluwefonds, ARK and Natuurmonumenten. We auction green experiences and (the maintenance of) landscape elements, thereby generating income for nature conservation organizations. We work on the basis of 15% of the auction turnover and therefore do not press on the budget of your organization. 

For information about our products, mail to or call 06-54787728

Partners we work with

Our clients and partners include municipalities, provinces, the central government, nature conservation organizations, companies, water boards and school communities. Here you can see a small selection.